Selloane Ntlatlapo


Marketing & Public Relations Officer


Bachelor of Social Sciences Student


From Katlehong and attended Phumulani Secondary School

Motivation behind being part of HMU

The question of "what do you want to be when you grow up?" is one that we all have heard during our childhood. The typical answers were always limited to being a lawyer, teacher or any STEM related career. By the time we reach the final year of high school, most of us are still unsure of what we want to be. I have seen some of my friends settle for courses they were never interested in due to not being aware of other available options. Fortunately, I learned about a degree I found interesting, that almost no one in my life had ever heard of. Not everyone was as lucky, and unfortunately not being aware of different career options has led some people to drop out of university or become unemployed. Being part of HMU has given me the opportunity to offer high school learner s a few more career options that are less likely to be replaced by machines anytime soon.